Black Rock City, Nevada - USA

Sunday, September 4, 2016

It was near the conclusion of yet another wonderful Burningman -2016. In that burn, my 19th, i had the opportunity to share time with a number of new campmates, including a number of first time visitors to the experience. (We call them virgins). This year, our virgins did well; protective personal walls came down, people opened up, and meaningful connections were made, at varying paces. The person who gave me this bracelet was the exception. He showed up as if he was born here. He was completely at "home", comfortable despite all of the environmental and personal challenges this environment presents, and at ease in every setting i brought him to or that he found himself in. He is partnered to another remarkable burner, who was having his second visit to the Playa, and i'm sure his support helped too. I didn't do anything to deserve this bracelet, and I'm not sure why he picked me. I LOVE to watch virgins acclima te to their new environment, and vicariously share their awe in the newness of everything that is different on the Playa. I also want to make sure i'm there if they get disoriented or emotions get the best of them, often on day two or three after arriving. I've never seen someone adjust so completely and instantly to this unique environment, and it was an ongoing treat to share experiences with this person. Thank you!!!

- U'haul

Lake Tahoe, California USA

Saturday, October 1, 2016

I am a burner. I bought my first ticket in 1997, yet never stepped foot on the playa until 2005. Life got in the way during those 8 years, inclusive of becoming a caregiver for my Mom. She passed in 2005 so my brother and I took some of her ashes to the temple, and also had her name placed on the plaque that burned with the man. 2005 was an incredible burn. They say you always remember your first year as the best year, and I suppose that's true. That year, I met a very special person who I have adored ever since. This man is so kind, so loving, so generous, so accepting of all human beings, their frailties and all. I was not able to make it to the burn this year, but I did attend his Afterburn party in Lake Tahoe, where he gifted me this bracelet. I am going to hold on to it for a while, as I am moving to the east coast, after dwelling in the west for almost 50 years. In addition, I have a job coming up next year in China. I will know when it is time to pass this bracelet on ... and will do so. I just want to keep it with me until my next journey comes to its end. Namaste.

- Newt

Melbourne, Florida USA

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I was visiting my dear friend (let's call her Giver of the Bracelet) in Melbourne, Florida in her new home when she gave me this bracelet. She had received the bracelet at a recent Burning Man and I attended my one and only Burning Man with her several years earlier. 

When I first met Giver of the Bracelet long ago, I had just started a theatre company in Las Vegas. She proved to be a tireless supporter and brilliant collaborator. We have been through much together. I was touched that she chose to give me the bracelet. 

At the time of the gift, I was on a trip around the United States with my husband and dog in our 1987 Chevy TransVan. A trip that originated in Austin, Texas and just as we were departing, I found that I was accepted to an MFA Creative Writing Program that I had applied to at Eastern Washington University. Along the way, in Asheville, NC to be exact, I found that I was given a Graduate Service Appointment with full funding that sealed my deal with accepting. We planned to head as far north and west as Montana and then back down to Texas. But things did not go quite as planned. The van died in Janesville, WI (I do not recommend this as a breaking down place) and we sadly had to say goodbye to Pam, the TransVan, there. 

Not to worry, we have replaced Pam with a Toyota SunRader (not yet named) and will toodle around on weekends this summer in the Northwest, where I have migrated for my MFA in Creative Writing.

I am writing this now as I have a notion of the next receiver. Stay tuned....

- Deanna