Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

October, 17th, 2018

Blessings to the kind travelers who inhabit the earth and share LOVE for all that it's worth! I was gifted this magnificent Karma bracelet when I was in Bali leading an Awakening Brilliance Retreat in Ubud! It just so happened that one of the attendees happened to be this kind humble gentle man by the name of Peter! His smile and gentle giant humble nobility could light up the world! He told me about his Spirlina farm he was creating and how he started KarmaFly. 

Now I'm passing on this great gift of kindness to my great friend Tapovan in Doha, Qatar where there is an absolutely awesome community of yogis! It's my pleasure to give it to Tapovan knowing he will pass on the great vibes to someone else who is in need of great energy and true connection. 

May the lovers of the world thrive on to uplift and Unite!
We must live with courage to share the LIGHT and truly take FLIGHT!

- Andrew 7 Sealy