San Francisco, CA

Sunday, April 7, 2017

Hi , here is how it happened: 
I was on a business trip in San Francisco in February and felt pretty lonely and sad after working 4 long days all by myself with none to talk to. Although I was staying in a very nice hotel on Nob Hill and was in San Francisco a city I love, I was ready to cry walking down the hill in the evening to buy me some chocolate in one of the near by markets. As I was approaching the cashier a stranger offered to pay for my bill with his credit card. I thought oh my god he must think I am homeless and we started a conversation. He gave me the bracelet and explained what it all means. We decided to go and get a drink and talk a bit more. This little gesture turned my mood around and I enjoyed an uplifting evening in the company of a stranger and other people which we met at the place we went to. 
Thank you stranger you made me laugh and enjoy the company of other people that evening, when I really needed it. 
Hope Karma finds you...

- Angelika